Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Glorious!

     I remember looking out the plane window as the pilot prepared us for take off. The reality of what I was about to do settled in and I couldn’t help but rethink my decision to live in Fiji for 3 ½ months with people I had only just met. What was I doing leaving my dad in the circumstances that he was in? What was I doing moving to a foreign country and living with 18 strangers? What was I doing dropping everything in my life to be apart of the HELP organization? As I placed my headphones in my ears I looked out the window once again and suddenly all the what if's and the should-haves didn’t matter anymore. I was 10,000 feet above the ground over looking the tops of the Rocky Mountains and the words “soon you’ll start to figure out your part” poured out of my headphones and into my ears.

    In life there are times when you might feel utterly out of place or unimportant. There are times when your vision might be narrowed due to the people you’re surrounded by. Maybe you just found out that your boyfriend of over a year cheated on you and suddenly getting ready for the day becomes a chore. Maybe you just said goodbye to your best friend for two years and you feel a piece of you is missing. Or maybe it’s your first time living away from home and new beginnings seem scary. We get so caught up in the little things that we often forget the bigger picture. We assume the sun will rise every morning and set every night. We assume our friends will be at school the next morning and our families will be there when we got home. We assume and expect, wish and want, but in the silence of a car ride on the way to the hospital or airplane ride on the way to Fiji everything can change.  

    There is a stillness caught between the clouds and the stars 10,000 feet above the ground and I was able to get a glimpse of God’s perspective for us. We all play a piece in this world. We all have something to contribute and something to learn, something to give, and something to take. I have thought my entire life that I needed different seas or mountains, different things or magnificent lights to be happy, but the truth is sometimes all you need is two arms wrapped tightly around you making you feel like you’re home. So trust this moment and this moment alone because right now is your current story. This moment has the power to change anything and everything. Right now all our hearts are beating for something or somebody and there can only be so many more heartbreaks until someone else’s is found. 

   At one time or another we are forced into directions that we ought to have found for ourselves. 10,000 feet above the ground caught between the sun and the moon, clouds and stars, people and god and I realized this was my direction all along.

   “Soon you’ll start to figure out your part everyone plays a piece and there are melodies in each one of us, oh, it's Glorious!” (David Archuleta, Glorious)


  1. It really is glorious. You're glorious. Life is glorious. Thanks for this perspective. Ah I miss you

  2. Excited to keep up with your blog :) good post

  3. Love you, Gabi! You have touched our family in ways you can't imagine! I KNOW you are going to touch the people of Fiji! Praying for you every day! Have a glorious experience! Love, Rena

  4. I just spent a little time with your mom and dad this afternoon. You know my dear, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Your parents are some of the most inspiring teachers in my life. The way they choose to live and testify teaches me leaps and bounds. Reading your blog - it is the same spirit of God that lifts and loves and teaches. I love you and your beautiful perspective and wisdom!