Monday, September 21, 2015

God Loves His Children

September 3, 2015

A joke by my teacher. There are two balloons in a desert and one says to other balloon hey man watch out for that cactus and the other one says what cactussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Ha wow I think I have another problem.. I LOVE THE CCM(MTC) so freaking much now!! Sometimes I am afraid I am having too much fun here! Every Wednesday we do service in the CCM. I think they run out of jobs for us to do because they gave me and my companion a broom to sweep the fence question mark. Sorry there is no question mark on this computer so I literally have to write it out. It isn’t like a solid fence it has holes and is spikey and they told us to sweep it. I looked around the CCM and saw some elder sweeping the grass with a broom. I also saw some teachers making elders wash their cars hahaha. While we were sweeping the fence a few of us started singing high school musical and translating it into Spanish so yeah we are basically really productive over here! Haha but really I love it now. I guess a missionary perk is being really good at ping pong question mark. Or everyone here is really bad I can’t decide. I invented elbow ping pong the other day. You put the paddle in your elbow pit or whatever it’s called and play. We play the piano after dinner everyday and just sing! There are about 12 of us missionaries and it is so fun! The Latinos think I am really good at piano but I tell them it’s only because you don’t know the song. It’s a good thing I am an English major because I officially do not know how to spell in either language question mark. We teach the Latino missionaries here English and so this one elder comes up to me and says YOU GOT BEEF or ARE YOU A NORMAL CHILD question mark. I don’t know what it means either.. question mark. 
Alright now for the preachy part .( I tried to do a smiley face just barely but it is super hard!! Okay so these last two weeks have been so good! I am learning so much and Spanish is coming a lot faster now. But I had no idea how hard Satan tries to get to you on your mission. People always talk about right before and right after but he is like going crazy over here in the CCM trying to bring us down! There is a quote one of my teachers told me Satan doesn’t need to bring you down he just needs to distract you. I have been thinking so much lately about how little I know about the doctrine compared to some of the missionaries here. I have been thinking so much lately about how the heck am I going to memorize all these lessons and the language and sometimes I just want to yell in English I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING EVEN IF YOU SAY IT LOUDER. But this morning we went to the temple and as I was staring at the chandelier I saw these little red speckles reflecting from the lights. And it got me thinking about the Atonement. I started counting these little red speckles and how each one represented one drop of Christ’s blood. Each drop Christ shed was for one person and how every single one of those drops matter. And then it hit me… Yeah I don’t know a lot about deep doctrine. I don’t have a lot of scriptures memorized still. Sometimes I just throw out Spanish verbs because there are too many freaking tenses to memorize. But the feeling came that I KNEW ENOUGH. I know without a doubt God loves me. I know without a doubt God loves every single one of us. My mission isn’t about me question mark. It’s about his children in Ecuador. I was called to serve him not to feel good about conjugation Spanish verbs. I was called to LOVE with all my heart his children. Even when I don’t understand what they are saying. I guess what I am trying to say is that I was so worried about being the BEST missionary and speaking beautiful Spanish but that’s not the point. I know enough, and what I know is that God loves his children. So do I accidently say tengo Hombre sure I do, but I have since learned its hambre not hombre. I love the CCM, to the point where I am kind of scared to leave for the field in 2 weeks. I actually love the fence now! Ok that was a lie, I could live without the fence. My teacher is telling us to say goodbye to your mommies now. 
Remember you are NEVER alone.
Much love,
Hermana Israelsen
P.S I showed my district I can sing with my mouth closed and now random missionaries come up to me during meals and ask me to sing for them. Moral of the story don’t share your talents unless you want to show 90 other missionaries..

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