Monday, September 21, 2015

I have so much love for this work!

September 8, 2015

Joke of the week by Elder Oaks, I don´t remember it perfectly so sorry: There was a guy who had a mini Book of Mormon in his shirt pocket, he was stopped at gun point and when they pulled the trigger the bullet hit the Book of Mormon but it stopped at the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi. haha get it? I’m like 90 percent sure I told that wrong you should google the joke... because it’s funny.
Alright guys what is up?? Am I the favorite child now since I am away? We went proselyting this week. I could actually understand people ish.. I was teaching this one guy about Moroni´s promise and he started serenading us with “You are beautiful women, two beautiful women!” So I said and this is a beautiful book and you need to read it. So he agreed to read it if we gave him our numbers. We gave him the local missionaries number.. But hey you gotta start somewhere??
I think you guys think I am a lot better of a missionary then I actually am, or maybe I just think that. This week I have been thinking a lot about pride. Satan doesn’t need to make you fall he just needs to distract you. Pride is so weird? I used to think it just meant that you were cocky. But being here I have realized dang I am prideful! Sometimes after we prepare a bomb lesson the next time I think oh we do so good last time we don’t need to prepare that much. There is a quote that says “If you think you can do it alone you will.”  Trying to balance focus and fun here at the CCM is hard. Because I want to focus and learn the language and work really freaking hard! But at the same time I need to stay at least a little sane?? During Relief Society on Sunday all the hermanas were sharing stories one by one then out of nowhere everyone started crying. I was trying so hard to listen but Spanish is hard enough alone but then add crying and I am like wait I don’t know what you are saying?? My companion and I were trying so hard to listen but they kept crying and they were looking at us as if we were supposed to be crying and now I wanted to cry not because of what they were saying but because I was thinking I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU!! 
The CCM has 3 food groups. Rice, hot dogs, and ketchup. I think the cooks play a game of what food can we mix hot dogs with so far we have eggs, soup, rice, and my favorite a bowl of guess what meat you are eating!! Ha but seriously I really love it here! I can’t believe I leave in two weeks? I feel like I am at boarding school with all my distant relatives because I can’t date any of the elders.  The CCM is a bunch of What is happening moments combined. For example yesterday morning I was in the bathroom and the Latina hermana next to me was brushing her teeth but I guess she was brushing too hard because she started choking on her tooth brush and I didn’t know what to do so I was trying to help her but the whole time I was thinking this is weird? BUT I LOVE IT HERE! Every day there is something to laugh about and cry about and just trying to figure out what is happening. Thank you for all the LOVE! seriously I have so much love in my heart for this work. The church is TRUE! 
Remember you are NEVER alone!
Hermana Israelsen

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