Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm off to Ecuador

September 17, 2015

Well well well.... 

I am pumped but nervous to leave for the field! Probably because we had a devotional the other day about not flirting and I thought they were talking about cocaine.. The word for flirt in spanish is coquetear. Sometimes when I am reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish I think Ohh ya I know some of these words:) I figured out how to do a smiley face on the computer here, it only took me 6 weeks!
Everyone makes fun of me because I can’t roll my r´s. I will have a speech impediment my entire mission. I honestly love the CCM? I never thought I would like prison but I do, they feed you, they wash your clothes, and for an hour a day you get to play outside within the fence of course. I know the field is going to be so hard but this week I have been thinking so much about the people I am going to teach. I probably won’t understand them for the first couple months but my purpose isn’t to be fluent in Spanish, or roll my r´s. We use language to express ourselves but the spirit tells us how we feel when we express it.
Sometimes I get scared because I have no idea what I am getting into and I know it’s going to be hard. But then the thought came to me the more trials you go through the more people you can reach out to and relate to. During every trial think about all the people you will be able to help because of it.
Remember that you are never ALONE!

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