Monday, September 21, 2015

Learn to Laugh

August 20, 2015

HAHAH NICE TRY SATAN!!!! Wow, what a start to my mission eh?! My fortune cookie story was dead on. If I would have read a fortune that said ¨You will throw up 49 times on your first day.¨I would have been like heck no I am staying home! Some people refer to the MTC here in Columbia as the CCM others call it prison. It depends on the day for me. There are only 5 North American girls here. Six Latina sisters and 50 elders half North American half Latin. Sorry I am typing so fast because we only get an hour. Also our P-DAYS switch off one week Thursday the next Tuesday so I will write again on Tuesday. Idk why it is so weird?
Anyway it is super duper small here so it is like we are one big FAMILY! The CCM president and his wife basically saved my life the first day. The paramedics came my first night and gave me a shot. I also got a blessing that I would stop puking. Woke up the next day and taught a 20 minute lesson in Spanish! The Spanish immersion program here is intense but at the same time I love it! I just laugh all the time. My Spanish consists of me throwing out random words and adding o on the ends of words. This keyboard is Spanish and it is very confusing. Really though I love being Hermana Israelsen. There is no time to get home sick or think about anything really because we are so busy. I cannot wait for the day when someone talks to me here and I understand them! Seriously there is no where else I would rather be than here.
Christ knows exactly what each of needs to grow but he also knows exactly what we need to be comforted. I am so grateful God blessed me with the ability to LAUGH MY HEAD OFF! Because I feel like that is all I do here is laugh. Mostly because I don’t understand anyone but hey I am having a blast even if I am the only one who gets why I am laughing. We get Latin companions in 2 weeks! Also there are no new North American girls coming in so in 2 weeks me and my companion will be the only English speaking girls. I really do love this though. I mean there are days where my head is going to pop off my head because I hate Spanish? Yes of course. But there are also days where I think about how much God has blessed me. Where I think about how much I love this work. I love you guys and miss you guys but I love Jesus Christ more. I love Jesus Christ so much that I threw up 49 times and still wanted to stay.
Please, never forget how much God loves you. He loves you all soo much and He weeps when you weep and cries when you cry. He suffers when you suffer. The most important thing I learned this week was when you are feeling sorry for yourself or you are sick and all you want is your mom, go do something for someone else. Tell someone you love them. Write a note to someone. Do something anything for someone else and you will see the hand of God in your life. AHHH I SOUND like one of those preachy missionaries forgive me. The CCM is hard for sure, but my life was so much harder when I didn’t know that God loved me.
Remember, you are never alone!

Love, Hermana Israelsen

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