Monday, September 21, 2015

This is hard...but it's a good kind of hard

August 28, 2015

If I would have known how many people would say so many kind things to me for being on a mission I would have gone forever ago! Thanks for all the love and support! HAHA guys the CCM(MTC) is a party! Ok I lied it is not a party at all but I like to make it one.. in my head. In my head it is a party. So let´s see I LOVE proselyting and you will probably have to spell check this entire thing because this keyboard is really confusing and I forgot how to spell in English.

The CCM(MTC) is one of the more strict CCMs. When we are tired in class our teacher has us run 2 laps around the CCM in a skirt. Yes mom of course I beat the elders. Haha but I am finally picking up the language. We prepare talks every Sunday and the President randomly chooses missionaries to speak but you don’t know until you hear your name announced in Sacrament. 

I am learning so MUCH about the gospel!! Like so much! I am embarrassed of how little I knew because I literally knew nothing haha. I am starting to adjust! There are 23 latinas coming in tomorrow only 5 North American girls here and 3 leave in 2 weeks so it will be 80 elders, and me and my companion and i don't know how many Latina sisters by then. 

Everyone cried after emailing last week but I prayed that emailing would only give me strength and since then I haven’t been home sick. We do temple sessions in TOTAL Spanish. I speak more Spanish than English but it is finally coming along!!! CHURCH IS TRUE GUYS! I ¨talked to the kids¨ dad and I know more Spanish than them... and that is saying something. When they let us leave the prison gates last week we went tracting and there was the cutest little girl with a unicorn and I talked to her and her sister. I accidently told an elder I was pregnant instead of embarrassed rookie mistake I know .

We are the first hermanas to play soccer at gym and we actually beat the elders team. Now my teacher is recruiting me to the maestro team to be there keeper. I bet dad is pumped that I am playing goalie again haha. I use IOL in my lessons and now my teacher does it by having us draw out the Plan of Salvation! Hermana Ching Chong is having a really hard time she can’t sign in Spanish so keep her in your thoughts they caught her trying to hop the fence last night but its freaking tall and pointy... Poor thing. I can’t wait to get to Ecuador but I am learning so much in the CCM!!! I love you guys so much but I am freaking KILLING IT HERE!!!! The sense of humor is at its peak thank goodness for that. Also my mission president in Ecuador knew I was sick and told an elder that I know from home that I was sick and they were worried. HOW NICE!? People are so great. I love you guys gotta go! PEACE.


Hermana Israelsen

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