Thursday, November 12, 2015

Give Thanks For the Cup

October 27, 2015

So we had a ward activity last Saturday. We did an activity about Lehi´s dream. Everyone had blind folds on and were to follow the string (iron rod) throughout the church. One of the elders dressed up like Satan. He had two hot pink party hat sombreros on and used his sweater as a cape. He also had a rope that he would use to capture people and drag them into a room "Outer darkness."  So I am supposed to be an angel right. Well Satan is doing his thing trying to torment the lives of innocent people when he grabs this lady. He is pulling her into outer darkness and I am like oh NO you don’t SATAN!! I start yelling "SIGA! SIGA!" (keep going! keep going!) but I meant to say "Seguir me!" Which means follow me But I keep yelling "Keep going! Keep going!" Some of the members are looking at me like "aren´t you an angel?" I basically kept telling people to "Keep going with Satan!" One of the members pulled me aside and told me I couldn´t be an angel anymore. So I basically got my wings revoked and was now on clean up duty..So mom sent me a game of Uno in my package and I opened it in front of my zone. One Latin elder saw I had UNO and no joke got teary eyed! He said he has looked and looked for that game but they don´t have it where he is from. He offered to pay my mom to buy the game and send me another one! I was shocked like wait you would really go through all that trouble? So I just gave him the game. I think I made his life.I want to be the kind of person and missionary that when I wake up in the morning Satan says, "Oh no she´s up!" I am learning a lot about the gift of agency here on the mission. It can truly be a blessing in our lives or it can bring great suffering and pain in our lives. Everything we do is our choice, but when sometimes happens we don´t like we blame the natural man that is in each of us for how we react to a situation. If someone hurts your feelings you want to tell them off and get mad! And we think because of how they treated us it excuses for how we treated them. But on judgement day God isn’t going to say "What did Bob say that made you say those things." He isn´t going to ask about anyone’s actions but our own. We may not be able to choose how people treat us but we can choose how we treat others. It is not easy... but through the atonement we can always choose the path that leads to happiness.When the bitter cup comes our first reaction is to always pray for it to pass. But what if we were first gave thanks for the cup. What if we first expressed gratitude for the cup and then after asked for it to pass. And when the answer comes that cup cannot pass instead of staring at the cup or saying "I hate you cup," or blaming the cup. Through the atonement of Christ, knowing that he has tasted and dranked the exact same cup. We can drink it and be strong! "Being brave is just acting in faith. Even if it´s only a twig of faith God help it to grow." I think it is so cool that out of all the names and titles God could be known as he asks us to call him Father.Remember you are not alone!Con Amor,Hermana Israel..... sen (no one can say my name here)

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