Thursday, November 12, 2015

It´s always the same sky, the same heaven, and the same God

November 9, 2015

Last week for lunch we walked in and they were playing music. I turned to my comp and said, "Spanish rap music? That´s so cool! Do you understand what they´re saying?" My companion just looks at me, "Hermana it´s English, it´s Rihana."

It´s weird to think that before my mission I didn´t share the gospel with every human I walked past? During a lesson the other day with a family of recent converts the dad said to me, "Hermana ISRAEL, when are you going to paint your face and do your hair like you did in your Facebook photos?" During church yesterday I was thinking about how weird it is that I speak English in my head but when I speak it comes out in Spanish and in the middle of all of this, this child comes up to me and gives me a spider man toy. He was the cutest little boy and I would kidnap him if I could but he has a mom so I can´t. Anyway it made my day because he was so stinking adorable.. until I realized what he had done. Now 3 other children saw I had this spider man toy and all wanted the toy. We are in the middle of the Sacrament meeting when 3 more kids all start trying to grab the Spider Man toy from my hands and all yelling, "Que es esto?" I was trying to hide it in my jacket but it didn´t work. Their moms had to take them all out because they were crying. I just looked over and the little boy who gave me the toy was just smirking... the kid is going to be a world leader some day mark my words.
We found 7 new investigators this week who just moved here! They don´t speak any Spanish.. to be honest Idk why they are here? But I am pumped! They don´t quite understand the difference between Satan and Santa and during our last lesson we were talking about how to recognize the temptations from Satan and one of them said "Oh ya Santa!" and we were like "No, Satan."... "Ya Santa Santa!" "No Satan... Satan. Not Santa they are very different you do not want to get them confused." As of right now they still believe that the enemy to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Santa Clause.. it´s safe to say we are going to wait on their baptismal date until we can get that straightened out.
One of our Investigators was baptized on Saturday!! It was such an incredible experience!! She is definitely one of God´s elect and in most our lessons she ended up teaching us! 
This week I learned that the only way to win in this life, is to lose it. It´s about finding joy in the journey and not just enduring to the end but enjoying to the end! Sometimes I wonder.. do we really understand The Atonement? I mean do we really think about it every Sunday when we take the Sacrament, what he suffered. Every single pain. Every single temptation. Every desire, every doubt, every loss, lonliness, confusion, hurt.. EVERY SINGLE THING HE FELT! I just can´t put into words how I feel about The Atonement of Christ. I feel SO alone sometimes! When you take away every comfort from home, friends, family, social media (Shout out to Brooke Anderson totally understand your wanting pinterest on the mission.. the food I could make and lesson ideas!) anyway it takes away everything because when you are down to nothing you trust in the Lord with all your heart. You give him your all because it´s the only intelligent thing to do! He will not leave us comfortless. I mean we say that all the time but do we really believe that? In our trials are we truly trusting him with everything we have or do we still have moments of doubt. Give it up then. Trust him! During those quiet lonely times that’s when the spirit is the loudest. Sometimes I like to look up at the sky when we are walking home at night and think "It´s always the same sky, the same heaven, and the same God."Every missionary has a thing. The one who is an incredible teacher, the scripture mastery elder, the robot sister (you can be obedient and not be a robot it´s possible), the funny one, the really really happy one sometimes almost too happy that it´s creepy?, the stylish sister, the one with a powerful testimony, the one with a beautiful accent, the hard worker, the strong one, the future prophet, etc. I want to be the Hermana who laughed a lot and loved a lot. I want everyone to know they are loved!Remember you are NEVER alone!

Con amor,
Hermana Israelsen

As of right now I am the hermana who can´t eat anything without spilling it all over her clothes :)

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