Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

September  28, 2015

I am in Ofelia in the city here! It is beautiful you would love it here! The people are so nice! I would never have guessed I would be teaching a nine year old behind a store counter, teaching in hair salons, a telephone shack thing. Ecuador is the weirdest place I have been so far and that is saying something. But you all know how much I love and appreciate weirdness so yes I LOVE IT! My trainer is a tender mercy! People must think I speak chinese by the way they look at me when I am talking.A missionary once said, "I knew this would be hard but I didn't know it would be this hard." If my fortune cookie said your mom would be diagnosed with Cancer while you were gone. Heck no I would not have wanted to come. But I came :) I already took that leap of faith and I am going to keep leaping and jumping and climbing up giant hills here in Ecuador because God is my strength and he is yours too :)Oh mom you have now become one of my favorite book characters Hazel Grace from yes Fault in Our Stars. She had lung cancer and I loved her because she was so honest and real about her experience. She doesn't die at the end and neither will you! In the movie The Restoration Emma asks Joseph as she is picking off the feathers from his back "Do you think God asks to much of us?" And Joseph replies "maybe we were meant to swim in deep water." Well familia maybe we were meant to swim in deep water. When president told me about the phone call with you guys on Sunday night I didn’t know whether to laugh or start bawling because A. Satan obviously hates our family, and the hospital obviously LOVES our family because they keep wanting us to stay the night! B. I thought missions blessed families not gave them cancer?? But maybe we were suppose to swim in deep water. (It’s a good thing you made me get swimming lessons at 6 months old mom) haha best joke I could come up with right now. I can’t think of a better compliment than that Satan must hate our family. That shows we are doing a dang good job eh?How can I tell my investigators to endure to the end in faith if the moment something goes wrong in my life I want to just quit? How can we be disciples of Christ if we ourselves are not willing to experience the tiniest fraction of what the Savior experienced in Gethsemane? Guys I freaking love you. I am going to work so freaking hard here in Ecuador and forget about you and get to work (I will still pray for you don’t worry). But just know Hermana Israelsen is still having a party even if it’s in my head.
God is our strength. You are never alone! Except in the bathroom I can finally be alone in the bathroom so that’s good:)Con amor,Hermana Israelsen

P.S expect a fatter daughter when I come home they feed us so much. Who ever said the food in Ecuador wasn’t that different needs to go REPENT right now!!!!! Because fried beetles, pig skin, and in one area luckily the sisters can’t go to they chew yucca and spit it in a cup and fill it with water for you to drink :)I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here :) love you weirdos

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