Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Life is Like a Staircase

November 23, 2015

A member saw us on the street the other day and he said he was so confused because it was pouring rain outside and we were smiling and laughing and eating ice cream in the freezing cold? and I said "We just really really love ice cream!"

Me: Do you want this quarter?
Member: Yes
Me: Ok (I put it on my head) get it without touching me, or the quarter
Member: (stares at me with a confused look on his face)
Me: Get it
Member: I can´t? You won't let me touch it?
Me: Well why didn't you just ask if you could have it? In the scriptures Christ tells us over and over again. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.
Member: Can I have the quarter?
Me: No…sorry we are poor missionaries and that quarter can buy us chocolate.

This week I managed to tell one of our members that I murdered my dog when I was 11 years old, that I have many lovers, and I kept forcing another family to eat chocolate for the purpose of an object lesson but they kept yelling we are on a diet! But I didn't understand them so I kept looking at them like guys eat the chocolate you are ruining the object lesson!

Sometimes it`s hard to see our progression. In the mission I go day to day and think "Ok wait, I am still just as immature as when I first got here? Am I even improving in the language? Why haven`t I had any cool stories like my parents, sisters, or friends of CRAZY COOL miracles?¨ It´s easy to feel like you aren`t progressing. But then if you think of our lives like a stair case and that every day is another step it´s easy to feel like you’re not progressing, but then every so often you look back at that first stair whether it was the day you were diagnosed with Lung Cancer, the day you decided to quit an addiction, the first day of school, the day you found out you were pregnant, or the day you said goodbye to your family in the SLC airport and accidently left your rain jacket there and your mom didn´t know until this very moment when I decided to write it in my group email.. haha. But the point is we all have these firsts. That lead us to different stair cases in our lives. It`s so EASY to feel like you`re not progressing, and maybe you took a few steps backwards but that doesn`t mean you should just quit. Because every step is one step further to the end goal. Looking back at my first day in the CCM I was throwing up and straight up said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for a wonderful 24 hour experience of what a mission is like but that I thought it would be better for me just to go home. Hahaha I literally said that! I wanted OUT! But I kept taking those steps and now I am a couple months in and a few floors up on my stair case and I am like ¨Hey look what I can do? Look what I am doing!¨

I literally don`t know why my emails are so RANDOM. But I really appreciate your guys love and support. Life is not easy for ANY of us. And sometimes you just need to look yourself in the mirror and say ¨Hey you`re awesome!¨ We have all come so far. Why stop now? Why throw in the towel now? 
I really love my mission. I thought it would be MONTHS before I could say that but the other day my comp told me that by the end of my next change (not this one but the next one) I will have 6 months and I was like. No? No?! I just got here like literally I am a child I don`t know anything??! It got me thinking of life after the mission and I wanted to throw up it sounds terrible like no offense I am sure you guys are having a good ol’ time in Utah but I LOVE ECUADOR! I love being Hermana Israelsen. I love accidently hitting people with my name tag and having chocolate all over my teeth as I say ¨BUENAS!!¨ I love my mission even though it`s sups dups hard. ¨Finding Joy in the Journey.¨


Con amor,

Hermana Israelsen

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