Thursday, November 12, 2015

Serve My Children

October 5, 2015

This last week I have learned that trials aren´t for our suffering they are for our growth. I already love my mission! Is it too early to say that? Maybe I haven´t experienced real mission life yet but I have already fallen in love with Ecuador and the people. Can I understand them? Why of course not you sillies. I can't understand 70 percent so I do a lot of nodding and si si oh si hahaha and then reach for my water bottle pretend I am really thirsty so they will stop asking me questions. I promised I would be completely honest about my experience here on the mission. It´s hard boy is it hard! Some days I am like hahahahahaha why did I sign up for this? Some times I am like hahahahahaha only because I am trying not to cry. But in those moments of fear that is when I askl Heavenly Father. How, am I going to do this for 16 months? Show me show me how? The thought always comes serve my children. Well I am serving a freaking lot! It started when this mother of 2 told us that she had no money and no food to feed her children. So my comp and I whom I adore wow she is great! Made spaghetti with vegetables (from our volcano food storage) it was all we had. Idk if any of you have had the sad and painful opportunity to eat some of the food that I have made but it is not a pleasant experience. I don’t even know if I am writing correctly I have gotten all grammar rules confused with Spanish. But I am like in between not being able to speak my first language and not being able to speak Spanish so its just a bunch of Awe honey no one understands you... you poor thing. Anyways we made her and her kids food and it probably tasted really bad but I told them to pray really hard that their taste buds won’t work very well so they could enjoy the food.I ate raw chicken this week. Like when its pink and soggy? I ate it and after I ate it the lady saw my comps and apologized for not fully cooking it. I HAD ALREADY EATEN IT!!!! Sometimes I say a prayer for lunch appointments Heavenly Father please bless this won’t kill me, and it hasn’t yet! God really does answer prayers!!But really in all honesty I love it here! I am obedient too!! Can you believe that mom, I love obeying rules! Who would have known? My area is super fun! I remember laughing in the packet they sent me before my mission about practice walking an hour a day with a 10 pound weight. I remember turning the page saying haha I’m not doing that?.... yeah I am not laughing anymore....Every trial we endure with faith to continue on. Every time we feel rejected, exhausted, mocked, hurt, physically emotionally and spiritually exhausted those are the moments when we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the only perfect person to ever live. And in those moments we have every reason to stand tall and be grateful that the Savior of the world knows EXACTLY how we feel. This is hard but I have never ever in my life been closer to the path Christ walked than I am now.You are never alone!

Con amor,Hermana Israelsen

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