Thursday, November 12, 2015

You Are Not Replaceable

November 2, 2015

We had a taxi driver this week named Flabio how cool is that?! We said "buenas," to some guy on the street the other day and he started following us saying "HELLO, MY PRECIOUS! COME TO ME!" We ran. Shout out to Veggie Tales for helping me remember bible stories here on the mission.
Every day here is a battle with myself. Before I came on my mission I tried so hard to prepare myself that "Hey this is going to be really hard!" And I thought yeah but because I know it will be hard I will know how to handle it. The truth is I know it´s Satan but that doesn´t always make it easier. The moment it gets hard I think ok I just need to pray and it will be over. I expect this instantaneous resolution to my struggles. I thought because I knew it was going to be hard I can tell myself in those moments what to do, because I know what to do I need to lose myself in the work. But if I don´t struggle now how will I grow? How can we desire growth if we aren´t willing to have patience during our struggles? Sometimes I feel like I am blind folded running as fast as I can, like full on sprinting! But I keep tripping over things and running into poles and I have days where I fall flat on my face and I am like "ow" and to be honest sometimes I think I don´t want to do this anymore! (That was a terrible example but you get what I mean).Ok wait I have a new example. We are all in a giant soccer game. Sometimes I want to sub out because I am like sweating and breathing super hard and I think I don´t want to play anymore. But then I hear Coach (Heavenly Father) from the sidelines (heaven) and he says, "Hermana Israelsen you are not replaceable." We all have positions. We all have strengths and weaknesses. But we have to remember we are wearing his Jersey! So we grab some water I personally prefer blue gatorade and keep playing! We are suppose to help our teammates and remember that none of us are replaceable.Guys, I still don´t have a clue what’s going on here, but it´s the best decision I have ever made!! Remember who´s team we are on and go drink some blue gatorade or the white one. Not the red or purple because it taste like cough syrup.You are not alone!

Con amor,  
Hermana Israelsen

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