Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Come Follow Me Home - March 14

Well this week I got hit by an old man's cane, I ran into a metal pole while reading my emails I printed out, while waiting at the bus stop I watched a guy fight against himself in the street, while another guy screamed every time a bus pulled up. One of our investigator’s kids got kidnapped but was then returned later that same day and in the middle of them telling us this story the other kid started choking on her food like to the point where she wasn’t breathing so I tried to give her the Heimlich, so you could say it was a very productive week :) 
Taxi driver: How old are you guys?
My comp: I'm 24 and my companion is 16
My comp told me I look like a celebrity this week and so I finally decided to break the news to her that, "I'm really Hannah Montana."
We are teaching someone that has a lot of challenges in their life.  To help her open up we went over to the edge of this cliff and starting throwing rocks. For every rock we threw we had to say something that was bothering us like, "I don't like it when I am trying to speak Spanish and people get annoyed and pretend like I am not even talking." Then I went to chuck the rock but there was this poor guy walking his bike up the hill but I didn't see him haha luckily it didn't hit him but we were all laughing and it was so cool to just see her open up about her feelings and dang the girl can throw!
A phrase I find myself saying a lot here in the mission is, "This is so real!" I just want to buy a microphone and run around and tell everybody that this is real! That Christ will come again so we all gotta repent right now because this is so real. The gospel is true! I talk about it so much that my comp goes "ya ya I know this is real He will come again." Haha I just want everyone to know THIS IS TRUE! Mom do you think you could fit a megaphone into my next package? Seriously though.
This week I realized I've been looking at this whole language thing like the cup has been half empty instead of half full. Like the fact that I understand these people sometimes wow that's really cool!! And they can understand me sometimes even if I sound like this, "I was 17 very sick died almost God loves you pray to know truth." I guess it's easy sometimes for us to only see what we lack. Sometimes we are our own biggest critic. But the truth is all we can do is try and try and then try again. After someone lets us down over and over again we tend to give up on them to stop believing in what they say they will do. I know before my mission I was like "lie or die," jk not that extreme but I was afraid to let people down so I would say I would do something yet I never followed up with my commitments. My words spoke louder than my actions. I cried wolf way too many times and slowly people stopped believing in me. I stopped believing in me. But when I said I wanted to come on a mission going into it I didn't even know if I would stay the whole time. I know my family was worried about my past illnesses and hey in the MTC I was like everyone is right I can't do this. But the one person who never gave up, never said “You've said that before," or never told me I was out of tries was God. He always believed in me even when I stopped believing in myself?
This week I found myself being a bit of a hypocrite judging people for doing things or acting a certain way and I wanted people to see me and think "wow, look what Hermana Israelsen has to deal with." Ha like what? I wanted some reassurance that what I was dealing with was really difficult and I was doing a good job. But I can't do that. You have to turn the other cheek. You have to "gird up your loins" (haha I love that phrase) and use the Atonement of Christ. To recognize your weaknesses and recognize "hey I was wrong, I am sorry." Or "Yes, I need help." Man it's hard to be humble, but I know that this will be worth it. Christ´s invitation has always been "Come Follow Me," He has always believed in us. Always. No matter where we are or who you are he believes you can do it. To me that means everything. The only perfect person believes you can do it. I don't know what it is but whatever you are struggling with turn to Him. He loves you.
"Come Follow Me Home," The words on the front of my planner this change. I know this really is the only way home!
You are never alone,
Con amor, Hermana Israelsen
PS They watch too many soap operas here. 

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