Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rainbows Really Do Come After a Rainstorm – February 1, 2016

Wow, rainbows really do come after a rainstorm! As cheesy as that line is Ibarra is an answer to all my prayers. I love my companion she is like my bff! I feel like God has been storing all these blessings in his pocket and kept telling me to just wait and now all at once he's like pouring them out on me and my family! 

Ibarra is like if Ghana and Fiji had a child and then you throw in the mountains from home and it's like I'm sorry have I just been assigned to serve in heaven? I have been smiling like an idiot since the moment I got here! 

The other day we were walking to our next appointment. My companion was telling me a story when I looked around me and saw green trees, dirt roads, chickens and cows, cinder block houses, and a rainbow in the sky. It was raining earlier and you could still smell that wet wood smell after it rains you know what I am talking about? The air was crisp but not too cold not too warm. And I just looked up at this rainbow and had one of those "Thank you Heavenly Father I know this is you!" moments. 

We are so quick to forget God in the midst of our trials. I know in the middle of a trial I look back at all the happy moments in my life or spiritual experiences when I felt God`s love and I justify the magnitude of those experiences because right now I am having a really hard time and that's all I can think about. But what I am learning is how to hope. How to hope that those experiences happened in the past and they will happen again but sometimes you just have to hang on tight and out last the devil! 

Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. We are just trying to make sense of things and we could all be a little kinder to those who still haven't quite figured it out or need a little reminder that "Yes, Hermana Israelsen those things did happen and yes you are over reacting." The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It may not be the best 1 in a half years of my life but it will be the best 1 in a half years  FOR my life. I know that every trial you are going through feels like a burden. But if we could just take a step back and try to see over the mountain not just stare at the top and think "ugh, do I really have to climb this thing?" Then we could see that the journey to the top will hold some of your most precious memories.

You are never alone.
Con amor, hermana Israelsen

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