Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sometimes Peace is God’s Greatest Answer to Us – March 7, 2015

We had a family home evening the other night and the member who gave the prayer said, "And please bless our prophet Gordon B. Hinckley."
The little girl who slapped my face last week during a prayer bit my companion this week several times. My comp was wearing this lace dress and this little girl comes up and bites her and rips part of the lace in her dress making a hole. She then walked over the wall where the paint was peeling off and started picking off the pieces and throwing them at us.
We were making American (crushed up chocolate bar) cookies with one of our part member families the other day to hand out to people. I kept speaking in an Italian accent and said "bienvenidos," (welcome) when her kids walked through the door, which made no sense because it was their house but I thought it was funny. They didn't have measuring cups so I was just putting in different ingredients and thinking "yeah, that looks good!" We burned them in the end.
My bed is by the window and the other night I woke up in the middle of the night to a cat staring at me through the window.
One of our investigators thought our tags were like in the military where you can move up ranks. He asked us when we were going to become elders.
While my sister Jessi saved a human girls life, I made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich.
My comp got revenge on me for playing the recorder to her every night. She started singing sad Spanish love songs haha.
A random dog appeared in one of our lessons the other day. I was just talking when one of the little girls we were teaching yells and there is a random dog just chillin in their house.

This month and last we are sacrificing different things to see miracles in the work. Like less time to email, waking up earlier, only speaking Spanish. My companion sacrificed not wearing makeup.
Other missionaries: Is that your sacrifice too Hermana Israelsen?
Me: No..
Other missionaries: Oh.
You know those little kid shoes that light up. Well I have this Disney movie “Frozen” watch that does the same thing. Before my mission my sister was helping me pack and because I brought a pharmacy worth of pills that I haven’t really taken (sorry mother I love you) I had to leave out some things. I decided to take out this watch because I already had one but when I threw it out I saw that it had lights and of course I had to take it! But I am so glad I did because when I am having a moment in the day where I just feel blah I hit the button and it lights up. I mean could the mission get any better? Well, I actually hope so but as of right now I am enjoying my light up watch and trying to find God in my every day.
Comp: You are Hermana Israelsen and Hermana Israelsen can't speak Spanish! So what that's just who you are?
Me: Oh, umm thank you..?
I have been STRUGGLING with this language. Like people are learning Chinese faster than I am learning Spanish. Which doesn't surprise me because learning English was hard for me, like I love writing but can I spell? No :)
Last night I was feeling overwhelmed with my weaknesses. I was so confused why it says in my blessing that “the language will come easily to me.” I am getting a reputation here in the mission for how slow I am at learning this language. I was comparing myself to other missionaries and feeling like "woa is me." I couldn't sleep last night and just gave my heart to the Lord through prayer. Sometimes peace is Gods greatest answer to us. Sorry I don’t have a lot to say this week.

But I know God lives and this work is so real. Don't give up. Don't you quit. You are you and God needs YOU! Not Nancy, or Debby, but you.

You are never alone.
Con amor, Hermana Israelsen

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