Monday, April 4, 2016


For the last two months we haven’t been able to listen to EFY music just motab. Now that we can listen to EFY music again I truly believe I am gaining back a lot of my sanity that I have lost over the last few months.

I tell so many people about my family that people refer to my family members as theirs and say "I feel like I know them." Hah

Wow, hearing about my brother in law, Denny, who has been in the hospital broke my heart! But then hearing about the miracle that has happened made me so happy! Today has already been such a roller coaster for me but I am so grateful that Denny is ok! I LOVE YOU BRO and your lil fam. But I would appreciate it if you guys could maybe pull back on the near death experiences at least while I am here in Ecuador.

Me before I marry a guy:

1. Are you funny? And will you laugh at ALL my dad’s jokes?

2. Have you had a near death experience? Or are you willing to have one in the future?

3. Do you like JCW`s and Texas Roadhouse?

If he does not say yes to all of the above questions he will not make the cut. Jessi please print this out and give it to the guy before he takes you on a date because he too must pass this questionnaire.

The other day we were waiting in the chapel for one of our recent converts to come. We always leave the front gate open but for some reason I shut it without even thinking twice about it. This man approaches the gate and starts to talk with us.

Stranger looking at me: I think I fell in love with her. I think she will be my woman.

Comp: You need to leave

Stranger looking at my comp: Maybe you will be my woman

Me: I think he is drunk?

He started reaching his arms through the gate and tried to grab me. In that moment I was so thankful I had shut the gate. I mean it was such a tiny little thing that I didn't even think twice about it but Heavenly Father knew that in 10 minutes this guy was going to try and get in. Sometimes we do things without knowing it is the Spirit telling us to do it until after the event passes.

We have a 78 year old blind woman with a baptismal date. After conference it was raining so hard and we had to take her back home. She lives on the mountain and because it was pouring rain it turned all the dirt into mud. We were helping her down to get to her home but there was this little ledge that she would need to cross. I got so worried that she was going to fall so I ran down to help her cross this ledge. On the way down I was the one who ended up falling in mud not only once but twice. I tried to jump back up but slipped again. At this point I was on my hands and knees but trying frantically to get back up I just kept falling down. This cute old woman is BLIND and is so worried about me and saying "oh no this is all my fault!" She is seriously the sweetest lady whom I have come to dearly love. She lives all alone in terrible living conditions. I know God brought us to her. She has already been such a blessing in my life. Lesson learned I am my mother’s daughter and I should not run down muddy hills because I will slip and fall and slip and fall again.

Conference was amazing. WE ARE GETTING A TEMPLE! I was watching it in the English room and everyone screamed, then you could hear the delay of the Spanish room and everyone screamed in there as well. So awesome! But hearing them talk about Fiji and the temple dedication in conference I thought about how  I opened up my mission call in front of the Fiji temple and read that I was coming here. And now QUITO is getting a temple!! Then hearing them talking about humanitarian work and the talk about cancer! "The Savior cured my cancer and he cured yours too!" I love you mom!

I wear a bracelet every day that says "No. Matter. What." The purpose of the bracelet is to remind me that no matter what I can choose to be happy. I love this work. I love my Savior. No matter what you are never alone.

Con amor Hermana Israelsen
This is me trying to convince the dogs not to eat me!

 I really LOVE my companion.  I have loved all my companions.

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