Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heaven Is Aware of Your Needs and Has Prepared a Wonderful Way to Meet Them - May 2, 2016

I keep accidentally giving candy to someone who has diabetes. Yesterday on the bus I tried to bribe her to give me back the candy for crackers.

Four North Americans randomly came to our branch this past Sunday and I was pumped thinking, sweet I will probably get to translate for them. One of the girls (who is from Texas who was super blonde with big blue eyes) raises her hand during Relief Society and starts speaking beautiful Spanish... I was like just kidding maybe she should translate for me?

The buses here don't even stop for you to get off they just "slow down" enough for you to hop off. Seriously you have to prepare yourself to get on and get off because those bus drivers have no shame.

The other day we contacted these two women in the street and made plans to visit them the next day. We followed the address that they gave us but when we went to the house a woman and her son came out to greet us. They said they have never heard of anyone by those names of the women we contacted and they would know because they have lived in their house for quite a few years. We were like oh no big deal people lie to us all the time so let’s just teach these guys. They let us in when the mom told us this story. She said two years ago two girls just like us with the same name tags showed up at her door. She said she felt an instant connection with them. They taught her and she invited them to stay for lunch. As they were leaving they told her that they were not going to come back but one day two more missionaries just like them would return and finish teaching her the lessons. She said she has been waiting for two years and then my companion and I show up at her house.
There are moments in the mission where your mouth just drops open in awe. That was one of those moments. Here we were just trying to contact these two older ladies we met in the street and ended up at her house.

Sometimes we don't realize we are being led by the Spirit. Not every day in the mission do I think "The Spirit is telling me to talk to these women." or "we need to go visit familia Lopez because the Spirit told me." Honestly rarely does that ever happen to me in the mission. Most of the time I just think, "Well we could try familia Lopez I don’t know?" I am learning in the mission that God reveals his miracles line upon line precept upon precept.

"At this very moment Heaven is absolutely aware of your needs and has prepared a wonderful way to meet them."

You are not alone.

Con amor, Hermana Israelsen

Gabi trying to be serious

Helping someone move

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