Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let It Go and TRUST In Good Things To Come - May 16, 2016

 To sum up the last 2 weeks I had green highlights in my hair for a few days after a paint fight with my zone where I accidently punched an elder in the face because I was being very protective of my flag as we played capture the flag. I chipped my tooth on a piece of chicken that ended up being raw and very bloody so that was gross. A little girl stepped on my foot, but her shoe had dog poop all over it which then ended up on my foot. I have so many bug bites it looks like a rash and my hair is an upside down hombre light on top black on the bottom :) 

I thought a dog’s worst enemy was the mailman until I became a missionary. This last week I almost got bit by a dog but I was saved by a bag of sugar. My recent convert has diabetes and can’t eat sugar but she had a giant bag of white sugar.  She gave it to us after a little convincing. That woman loves her candy but that candy is going to kill her. My comp and I were switching off carrying the bag when it was my turn to carry it while we were looking for an investigator.  Suddenly this big dog came running out and tried to bite me but I hit him in the face with the giant bag of sugar. MIRACLE :)

Saturday night we got into a taxi after a really long day. I was so tired and just felt so drained. We got in the taxi and it smelt like my grandpa who passed away a while back. I was so confused because I have not smelt that smell since I was a young girl but the most wonderful peaceful feeling came over me and whether or not it was just the taxi guys expensive cologne or my grandpa was riding shot gun in spirit, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace.  I felt that my grandpa was there with me.

Our 78 year old blind investigator killed a chicken last week. I offered to help but ended up screaming and jumping on a bench and watching from behind my hands like kids do when they are watching a scary movie or playing hide n go seek. She killed it like a boss she may be blind but that women knows how to kill a chicken. I was a little scarred but I lived.

I guess the overall lesson I learned this week was to just "let it go!" The thing about time is that whether you like it or not it is going to pass. People will change, people will move, hearts will be broken, laughs will be heard, healing will take place, and  memories will be made. As humans we are bound by time. Everything takes time but as humans we are also pretty impatient wanting things done our way when we want it done. But God says "wait and I will give you the best." I have been holding so many cups lately. The forever going battle with Spanish, the 9 month mark, the no investigators cup, the worried about family and friends back home from  time to time cup, work stress, being sick, not sleeping, will there be another earthquake? And so on. Everyone knows the half empty half full analogy but recently I remembered a story I heard before my mission. If you hold a glass of water for 30 seconds and for 30 minutes which one weighs more? They both have the same amount of water but the point isn’t about the actual weight it’s how long you carry it. We can only do so much and then the rest we have to give to God and trust in good things to come. So let it go!!!! If you can’t control then stop trying to! Just breathe. Take a walk. Take a nap. Listen to a good song. Say a prayer. Read the scriptures. Go to church. Be a good person not only in your actions but in your heart and then TRUST HIM!!!

I know we are never alone even though at times we feel we are, we are not.

Con amor, Hermana Israelsen

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