Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures of the Gringa Trio - August 15, 2016

Well lets see this week was truly weird but fun!

It all started with the earthquake Monday night. The epicenter was in Quito not too far from where I am living so I think that's why we might have felt it stronger even though the number was lower on the scale. I have had a few nightmares since my last comp, but I was in the middle of having a nightmare when the earthquake happened so let's just say things got interesting... haha so I woke up but was still asleep? You know that state of mind you go into where you are still dreaming but you are like awake? Basically I was sleep walking well more like sleep jumping. I woke up and remember feeling my bed shaking but what I don't remember is JUMPING over the bed of my companion and landing on the ground. But the distance between our beds is pretty big, so as I hit the floor one of my comps was praying on the ground because that’s the first thing we are supposed to do if there in an earthquake. She didn't have her glasses on and all she saw was this shadow coming towards her she started to scream because she thought the roof was falling but really it was just me. I guess I was just lying on the ground still sleeping because my companions were trying to wake me up but I was just sprawled out on the ground. Then I finally woke up but I was super scared and started saying things like "I knew it! I felt so uneasy during the prayer I knew this was going to happen." Then they were like "Hermana what are you talking about?" At this point I was more awake and I was just like "I have no idea? Why am I over here? Why are all my sheets on your bed?" I guess when I jumped all my bedding came with me? And when I stood up one of my comps asked "Hermana where are your pants?" I was just in a giant t shirt and my shorts were by my bed... so yeah I really don't know what happened? 

The next night our neighbors dropped off a puppy at our door. We aren't allowed to have pets so my comp wrote a note saying sorry we can’t have your dog. The next morning, we woke up with a note on our doorstep that was correcting my companions Spanish from the note she left.

Then the next night our electricity got cut off we don't know why? It's still off so we have been planning every night by flash flights but it’s actually really fun until it comes time to shower because the water is freezing. And ironically this week my comps and I have been called beautiful, my princess, my queen, my precious more times than ever, yet its probably been the week where we have showered the least... so hey if things don’t work out for me back in Utah I can always come back here to Ecuador :) 

Girl we contacted: You look like the año viejo doll! (meaning you look like one of the dolls they light on fire every new years). thanks?
Comps:*burst out laughing*

Well this week really was something special I laughed harder than I have laughed in a while. Changes are next week and I will be sad if the gringa trio gets split up but I know His will is the best way. I know He lives and I know sometimes it feels like He asks a lot of us by the trials we go through but truly every trial is a blessing and I know that as we say I trust you, but if not I still trust you that he truly will guide us and lead us back home. It may not be the path we wanted but the best things in life are never really wanted they are brought about by trial and hard work and then comes a whole lot of JOY! You are never alone.

 Con mucho amor, Hermana Israelsen

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