Monday, September 12, 2016

“Lost in Tangali?” September 12, 2016

Well for Pday we went as a zone to a cotton factory here in Imbabura. I thought it was going to be this cool museum that talked about the history of Ecuador and indigenous museums but nope we just learned about different types of cotton :) So if anyone needs any help understanding what your clothes are made of I can help you no worries.

The other day my comp and I were walking and belting the song "little do you know," but we were changing the lyrics to match our situation like "little do we know it's a 20 minute walk to buy bread.." well anyways it was my turn to come up with lyrics when I suddenly just face planted on the road and from across the street you hear this woman yell "Oh no she fell!"

I handed out life saver mints that are like over a year old to the Relief Society sisters yesterday which is a lot of older women with no teeth who don't speak Spanish and they loved them! I finally figured out how to win over their hearts!

I have officially started keeping tally of how many times we get rejected in a day. We have made it a game to smile and skip after each rejection. They think we are crazy but little do they know that we actually are :)

We went from being on the show Crocodile Dundie to SURVIVOR. In some areas of our sector it's like straight jungle.

Yesterday we were walking past this field when we saw a bunch of older men walking around in this field playing flutes. But not like all together they were all playing their own melody at the same time it looked like some kind of flute club? I am thinking of bringing over my recorder that my mom sent me maybe they'll let me join? 

The other day we went far into our sector to teach a part family well little did we know we ended up in this jungle. We were hiking in some parts and there were animals everywhere we got scared of these cows because they kept staring at us and well I am just afraid of all animals now. Anyway we took this different route to dodge the cows through these thorny branches and we had to lift each other over this ledge just to dodge the cows and when we finally got through we realized the cows were tied up the entire time.

Well after we visited these people it turns out there are no more buses after 4pm. It was 5:30 and at first we were walking back like no worries I am sure a taxi will pass. Well then all of the sudden it was 7pm and we were still walking in the middle of nowhere but it was starting to get dark. We started to get a little worried since we were two gringas in the middle of nowhere in Ecuador with no way of getting home. The walk would take at least a couple more hours and we had to be home by 9pm. We were praying and praying when out of NOWHERE this taxi appears and pulls up next us.  A North American gets out of the taxi. He looks at us and says: "Lost in Tangali?" and we were like "uh..yeah" and he calls this taxi number and says just keeping walking down and in about 20 minutes a taxi will come by. We were just shocked like what on earth is some young North American doing out here in the boonies? We didn't even get time to ask him more questions before he got in his taxi and left. Sure enough just like he told us a taxi came and we made it out safely.

I really do feel like I am living the Book of Mormon. Trying to teach, facing a lot of rejection, I have never been so tired, at times it can be depressing, but we just keep fasting and praying and trusting in the LORD!

I thought when I got my mission call it was because Ecuador needed me but really I was the one who needed Ecuador. I don't just love my mission, I LOVE Christ. 

Remember you are never alone, 

Con amor Hermana Israelsen

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