Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I’M GOING TO BE  MOM!!! Aka I am training :) last night my district leader called me and said, "Hermana Israelsen you are going to receive your daughter." And at first I was like what kind of name is that? Your daughter? Wait... daughter...wait IM TRAINING!! I am so excited and feel so grateful for this opportunity to love a new sister into the mission. Into the best work in the world.

With all the replicas happening from the earthquake I am starting to turn into the grandpa from freaky friday who screams "EARTHQUAKE!" And runs outside.. ("allen that's not our car!) But seriously there were 3 or 4 more earthquakes this week I am starting to think everything is an earthquake now haha.

You know couples have pet names like sugar, sweet heart, or honey? Well couples here literally refer to each other as "fatty... Hey fatty, come here fatty." And it is like considered sweet..? It took me a while to adjust to that so if I come home calling all of you guys fatty I do it out of love :))

So the other day people kept telling me how they had dreamt about Jesus. I thought hmm I want to dream about Jesus I don't think I have ever dreamt about him? So I prayed before I went to bed that I could dream about Jesus. Well in my dream I knew I was dreaming and Jesus was there. In my dream I thought, "hey cool! I am dreaming about Jesus!" Then as I got closer and closer to him in my dream I realized that it wasn't Jesus. He looked like him and dressed like him but I just knew it wasn't him. I mean technically I have never seen Jesus with my own mortal eyes but I knew this man was not familiar to me. I immediately woke up from this dream and I felt a little afraid. I started to pray. I mean obviously I was still half asleep but the thought came to me about how in the Book of Mormon it talks about how in the last days there will be false Christ's. I felt an immediate gratitude for my real Savior, Jesus Christ. That I have the truth. That I know the truth. And that everyday I have the opportunity to preach the truth.

Because I am going to be a mom I thought of this quote I read this last week about love. "To mother means to give life." Okay obviously I am not going through 9 months of actual pregnancy like my sister had to do to giving birth to chubby little Gwen. Have you guys seen pictures of her? I am literally obsessed with that little fatty ;) but then I thought about my sister, my mom, and grandma. They are all mothers, and what do mothers do? They love. So the literal definition of love is life since to mother is to give love. And Christ gave us life through his love aka His resurrection. "The Savior won our souls with love." If to have love means to have life, then to not have love means death. I mean think about all the times you lacked love in your life in one way or another it was if something was missing from you. You lacked something. Or something died with in you. 

Basically what I am trying to say with this long tangent is that if to love another person is to give them life or to give them reason to live; then shouldn't we be constantly giving out love? "If charity is the pure love of Christ then pride is the defining characteristic of Satan because the great enemy of charity is pride."

We are here to build bridges with people not destroy them. "Pride may be a common human failing but it is not part of our spiritual heritage." Don't ya just hate pride it's a nasty little thing. It is the stumbling block to like everything!! This week I hope you remember to love a little more and I promise you will find that life is a little more enjoyable as we realize we were created for something much greater than just owning the new iphone or having 800 followers on instagram.

You are never alone. Con amor hermana Israelsen

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