Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We All Need Help Sometimes – August 8, 2016

Ha oh man how do I begin this email? One thing I wanted to change in the mission is being honest about my experiences, my feelings, and life in general. Before my mission I was not very honest about anything haha really, I hid my feelings and didn't want to admit when I wasn't ok or exaggerated stories. Truly I am not embarrassed to admit that but it is something that I have chosen to get better at.  I mean that's why I came on a mission to tell people the truth that this IS the true church, that there is a God, and that sometimes we are not perfect but that is why repentance is such a beautiful blessing. It's okay NOT to be okay sometimes. I just want to tell you guys from my heart what I have learned these past few weeks and hopefully just maybe I can help one of you through it.

WE ALL NEED HELP SOMETIMES! And that is TOTALLY OK! The only person who would make you feel weak about needing help is SATAN because home boy wants all of us to be miserable. But in the end we are all beggars, we all need rescuing, we all need our Savior, and yes at time we all need to ask for help.

I am now with two of my best friends in the mission. A trio of North Americans which NEVER happens so we feel very blessed. We are in charge of 3 sectors and 2 wards so we are very busy. I feel right now in this moment that sometimes we have trials or experiences that seem so absolutely weird that it must be a dream? Sometimes we think "WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW?" But then we have this beautiful moment of understanding.  My testimony of this gospel would not be what is now without these challenging experiences. This is the true church. This is real life. HE LIVES! Yes there is opposition in all things but there is no place so dark that light cannot enter. 

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Son of God. I know where I stand. I know who I represent every day here in Ecuador. He lives. And He loves you. This is my message today that you might know and feel the POWER of good, light, and the Holy Ghost in your lives. That you might love those who do have mental or physical illness who are a little different than you. We all want to make it back to His Kingdom. I have never been able to love like I am able to now. To love someone just because they are a child of God and He loves them. And because He loves me I will continue to love everyone that comes into my life with all I got haha what a crazy few weeks but what a journey especially one that follows the footsteps of my Savior Jesus Christ.

You are never alone. Con mucho amor Hermana Israelsen

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