Monday, October 17, 2016

Anything Is Possible With Christ - October 17, 2016

So after two weeks of searching under irons, in the window, vent, suitcases etc. we found the alarm that keeps going off every morning at 5am under the bed. You would think we would have looked there first? 

You know you live in South America when you start dreaming about rice.

The garbage truck in Quito drives around and sounds off a really annoying horn. In Otavalo it's a flute melody and when everyone hears it they know the garbage truck is coming. Here in the coast it's a song that says in Spanish "take out your trash take your trash right now take it out!"

This last week was a lot of those that was a lot funnier in my head moments.
                      Hey mom my package finally arrived..just what I needed more lizards!!!

You are really losing it when your Latin comp starts correcting you on your English.

Yesterday we were in a lesson and I had to use the bathroom so I asked if they had a bathroom. The woman looks at me and says "no." I was like "oh um well what do you do when you need to use the bathroom?" She literally reaches under the bed and pulls out a bowl like a plastic bowl and goes and sets it behind this table all of the sudden a guy yells "alright everybody out." And everyone starts to walk out the front door leaving me and my comp alone with this woman. The woman hands me toilet paper and then just stands in the doorway. I am looking at my comp like what is going on? Does she want me to use the bowl? Honestly, my face is like in horror and I am so confused because she is still standing there and expects me to just go behind this table where there is a bowl sitting there. My comp couldn't stop laughing! Honestly living in Ecuador is a lot of bathroom adventures I will tell you that. I’m never bored here that is for sure.

Last P-DAY we went and sat on this wall overlooking the ocean. The sun was just starting to set and as I overlooked the blue waters I thought about the story when Jesus walked on water. Sometimes it's easy to feel lost in today's world. Sometimes we feel like maybe we just don’t fit in or maybe we aren't what we thought we should be at this time and point in life and sometimes you just wonder what tomorrow holds. 

As I sat there all I could think about was possibility. That truly anything is possible with Christ. We talk about it and we talk about it and I write about it but do I get it? Do we get it? Do we really understand that with Him nothing is impossible? We spend so much time worrying!! Seriously how many hours a day do we spend stressed out about time or money or what people think or what will happen if? That "what if" I mean we all say it. We all think it. But as I sat there I just thought about it.  How important it is that people know that He lives. Like it's the only thing in the entire world that I want to do is just tell people He lives. Just 2 words that have an eternal meaning.

He understands what all of us go through but none of us understand what He went through. In this gospel we get credit for even trying. Isn’t that awesome? Like just try and if you totally face plant well GET up and TRY again! It's not over yet. The race. The fight. The journey. It's not over you haven't lost yet just get back up. Tie your shoes and get going. You might start out real slow but that's okay. He is there. And He is mighty to save.

I guess this is what I have been thinking about all day. That I am not perfect. I have a lot of weaknesses and things that I am still trying to get better at but the point is I am trying. And with Him I have a future full of possibility. People to love and help. People to tell that He lives. As I looked over the ocean all I have taught this last year or so became a reality that in this life we are never alone.

You are never alone.

Con amor Hermana Israelsen
Hna Israelsen taking a picture of her name tag.  Her name tag she LOVES that bares the name of Jesus Christ

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