Monday, November 21, 2016

I FOUND HER - November 14, 2016

 I found her! I found her! I found her!
I have been waiting my entire mission to write this email! So, I guess I should explain who it is I found and why I am so happy about it!
It all started right after I graduated from high school I went on a church tour for my senior trip with my friends. One of the stops was Carthage jail the place where Joseph Smith was killed. I was sitting in the window from where Joseph fell and while listening to the narration of the story I felt this impression that I needed to go on a mission. Like literally it was "you need to serve a mission." And I thought oh no no no remember Heavenly Father I am going to live in Africa. Then again it was "you need to serve a mission." I was still fighting the feeling when I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for the people of where I was going to serve. Then I had this idea in my head. It wasn’t a dream it wasn’t a vision just this idea. It’s hard to explain but it was so real what I saw in my mind.  It was of a woman in a pink or magenta color with a baby on her back and her face looked sad she had darker skin and so I thought I was going to serve in Brazil (ok I have no idea why I thought I was going to serve there but I did?) I knew she was a single mom and I knew I was supposed to share the gospel with her.
When my sister got married and sealed in the temple the sealer talked to me after with my other sister. I told him I was going on a mission to Ecuador and he said to me “There is something special about sisters because they can go up to those single moms and put their arms around them." I thought how random that he said that to me but whoa so cool!
Before I left on my mission I told my sister, Jess, I would write 2 emails one titled "I got bit" because we had this long conversation about how one of her companions bit her.  Luckily I haven’t had a comp bite me yet... but anyway the other email was going to be titled "I found her!"
My entire mission I have been looking for her. And in every single sector every single one I have found and taught a single mom but it just wasn’t her. When I got called to Otavalo I for sure thought oh yeah she is indigenous she has got to be here!! Well when I got changes to leave Otavalo and come here to the coast, I thought well maybe I am crazy and made up the whole thing.
Right by our house there is this cute indigenous lady who sales fruit. She recently moved here from Otavalo. We had an appointment with the store next to her but the lady didn’t want to receive us so we taught her. We started talking to her.  She is indigenous from Otavalo with 3 kids and one is this cute chubby little baby and she is a single mom. We taught her lesson 3 and it was right before I shared the first vision with her when she turned and I saw the left side of her face. It was her.... it was what I saw 3 years ago... I couldn’t believe it!! My eyes got really big and my face turned red and my comp looked at me like a crazy person because well I am. As I shared with her these words "I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head..." She began to cry and said it just felt familiar.
She came to church yesterday, she is reading in the Book of Mormon, and I found her I can’t believe I actually found her!!!
I testify that miracles do happen!! That I found the single mom that I saw 3 years ago in my head at Carthage jail. I can’t explain but it is just this familiar feeling and I know God wants her to be happy. She has had a rough past and is so prepared and wow my whole mission I dreamed of this. The best things really do come after hard work and trials.
You are never alone!!
Con amor, Hermana Israelsen

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