Tuesday, December 20, 2016

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!             December 19, 2016

I have never felt an earthquake that strong a lot of houses fell including our house that is destroyed. We are going to be sleeping with the sisters here in Esmeraldas and then traveling to and from our sector everyday which is like an hourish away, sometimes less, to work during the day. Our house had severe damage.  We luckily were sleeping by the door last night so we got out quick but oh boy do I have stories to tell you when I get home. I am doing good seriously this last week we just worked SO HARD!!! Saw lots of miracles and I am just pushing through this last little tough spot but I really love this place and it breaks my heart to see these people suffer.  Lots of houses and buildings fell even our church got some damage done they think there will be more earthquakes here in our area. So to be safe from any tsunamis we just are not going to sleep in our sector anymore and have moved to a safer place because we don’t want our house to fall while we are in it.
Any way I am super safe and ready to work and I am trusting God so so so much!!  I will see you guys next Wednesday.  I LOVE being a missionary and I so LOVE my mission.  I LOVE MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.  Merry Christmas. 
THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!  Elena was baptized Saturday. 

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